Handling Susannah by Amelia Smarts – Just $2.99


Mail Order Groom meets his match.  
Rancher Adam Harrington has long yearned to marry a diligent, virginal bride with a sweet disposition. When he reads a young woman’s unusual advertisement requesting a mail-order cowboy as her groom, he heads west.

Susannah Smith’s father bequeathed his ranch to her, but it was under one condition: She must be married. For Virginia City’s fallen woman, finding a man to marry is no easy feat. The men in town who seek to court the hot-tempered, unwed mother are unsuitable, so she pens a far-reaching advertisement.

Adam and Susannah’s attraction to each other is soon followed by wariness. Susannah had planned to marry a man who would do her bidding, not take over. It’s her ranch, after all! Equally befuddled, Adam thought he’d be marrying a woman who knows her place, not a brat who could benefit from some time over his knee. Are these two destined for matrimonial disaster?