Her Priest by Megan Michaels – Just $2.99

She lost him once…to the Church. But he came back…
Emerson’s decade long sojourn has changed him in ways he’d never expected. And now he has his Chelsea under his dominion once more, she is going to find he is even more demanding than he was as a young man. Ten years in a position of power have left him with a taste for commanding obedience. And he intends to exercise that power on his yielding, submissive soul mate.

She’s won him back, but is she ready for the new Emerson, and his particular brand of religion-tinged, taboo kink?

He came back for her, but is she ready for her priest?

Service & Submission by Megan Michaels – $.99

Three sassy submissives. Three stern, unyielding Doms. 
Three submissives, each with their own career and desires, meet and fall in love with the Dom of their dreams. Four erotic novels full of spankings, pet play, and BDSM. Each heroine delves deeper into her submission, learning more about her desires and deepening of her role in the dynamic. By a #1 bestselling author.