Fear and Desire by Sophie Kisker – Just 99¢


A dangerous deception: A captive woman and the man who must break her. 
Dan is an undercover cop, and a dom. In his current assignment, those two worlds are colliding, and it’s eating at his soul. His best friend Laura is his guiding light, until she gets caught up in the seedy underworld that Dan inhabits. Fully aware of the danger if they’re caught, they agree to continue the deception.
Now Dan must take Laura way past the line of consent to keep her safe. With the assignment about to come to an end, Dan is sure they’ve made it through. But then his underworld boss decides to keep Laura for himself, and she disappears. Will Dan find her on the other side of the world before it’s too late?

 Sanctuary by Sophie Kisker – Just $.99

Becoming a slave is the only way to hide…

Jenny Aldriss’ family has been murdered. The only person who can keep her safe is her father’s best friend, Daniel Weiss. But staying safe means hiding among his slaves, by becoming one. Trained by Master Ryan, guided by Liz, and secretly watched over by Michael, Jenny finds a strength within that sustains her when circumstances catapult them all back into danger.

Jenny’s story is woven in with Liz and Ryan’s continuing journey, as they discover that sometimes love can be standing right next to you for years, if you can admit what your heart already knows.

This stand-alone, full length story has a HEA ending, and elements of BDSM including punishments both fun and intense, orgasm control, and just a little lighthearted F/F. There are also evil villains who do bad things, so please begin reading only if you enjoy books with warning labels.

 Odyssey: An Erotic Tale of Slavery, Love and War – Just $.99

What would you do if you were torn away from your home and family, chosen by lottery to become a symbol of the defeat of your people? To be put on public display by the victor as proof of his power? To enter a world of slavery – of domination and submission – of pleasure and punishment?

Liz Peltier becomes a mere pawn in an old political game. But when she finds that her captors may not actually be the enemy, she begins to understand how happiness can come from tragedy. And when this thoroughly modern woman finds her deepest fulfillment on her knees, she must decide whether to fight these feelings, or embrace them.

Odyssey has elements of non-consent, spanking, intense punishments…and a really hot Master.

Black Light Valentine Roulette – Just $2.99

 Three hours. Four hard limits. Eight sexy stories. 
Get ready to explore some of your naughtiest desires while you celebrate Valentine’s Day with eight kinky stories from eight USA Today and international bestselling authors!

 Black Light is the most exclusive BDSM club in Washington, D.C. and for one night they’re changing the rules of play to entertain their members with a game of chance – Valentine Roulette. Challenge and adventure awaits as these sexy dominants spin to win their submissives, and the subs spin to choose how they will play. Their prize if they last the night? One free month at Black Light, and for some of our daring participants… even a chance at love.

FEATURING: Renee Rose, Livia Grant, Maren Smith, Jennifer Bene, Addison Cain, Lee Savino, Sophie Kisker, and Measha Stone!